Saturday, June 9, 2012

Emotions and Talents

I'm an emotional person.  Anyone that knows me can testify I cry over anything and everything.  I can't help it.  I have ALWAYS been like that.  If I'm happy, I cry.  If I'm sad, I cry.  If I'm frustrated, I cry.  If I'm mad, I cry.  If I'm......... I think you get the point.  But it's not just the crying.  It's the extreme emotion.  If something happens to someone I feel bad deep in my soul longing to comfort or help in some way.  When families are in crisis I so badly want to help.  When I see children with special needs I want to help give them what they need.  I want to be there for the parents.  My emotions have always bothered me.  It's can be really embarrassing.  And frustrating.   Over time I have come to accept this about myself.  It's not something I really liked, but really just came to accept that it wasn't going to change.  Until recently, I looked at these emotions as a burden.  I now know differently.  I have come to realize this is the talent that God gave me.

Ever since I've given my life to Christ, I have always wondered what my talent was.  I looked around and watched people singing in the choir and longed to do that, but never really felt like that was my special gift.  Or see the main person leading VBS and wish I could be that outgoing or outspoken.  But I've never really felt called to anything.  However, last week I went to an event with a friend.  Well the event itself was actually canceled, but we didn't know that until we went inside.  As I waited for her to find out what was going on I picked up a free brochure that is suppose to help you figure out what your gifts and talents are.  So I grabbed one.  I took the test a few days ago and wouldn't you know it.  The very thing I thought was a burden was the exact thing I'm suppose to be using for Christ.

I have absolutely NO idea what I'm suppose to do with this now.  But it does feel good knowing the purpose for why God made my emotions so strong.


  1. I can so relate, as I am the same way. You can use your gift by just being you and comforting others the way you do. I always appreciate your words of comfort on my Blog. They mean a lot to me!

  2. By the way, I love the Daily Scripture Widget. Hope you didn't mind if I copied it to use for my Blog :-)