Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Event Monitor

I wasn't going to actually post anything on my actual blog (I did on caringbridge), but something is just eating at me to just post it. Eli is getting another event monitor to record his heart activity at the push of a button at home, when he has the "episodes" we have been seeing. We fear he may be having arrythmia problems, but we can't say for sure since they need to catch them. He's at high risk for them with his heart defects. I'm just afraid we won't see them so I keep saying what's the point. However, on Facebook some wonderful parents of other heart kiddos and adult congenital heart defect survivors have encouraged me to request one. So I did. At first the nurse said they would probably just wait until his appointment on Monday. Afterall it is just six days away. However, shortly after I got off the phone with her, she phoned back saying they were going to send one out and we would talk more about what we are seeing on Monday. So anyway, if you could send some prayers our way we all would GREATLY appreciate it. (And that is an understatement.)