Friday, April 9, 2010

The Dentist

Back in January when Eli was in the hospital after his heart surgery, his surgeon asked if Eli had been to the dentist yet. Then he told me how important it was for Eli to go to the dentist and that he maintain oral health. If he doesn't his valve can be damaged even more will have to be replaced that much sooner. It can also cause further issues in other areas of his heart. By chance Dr. M's wife is a Pediatric Dentist. For me the more doctors know and understand my children and their medical issues the better. So if his wife is in the medical picture too that's seems to be a bonus because I can fully give them permission to talk at home. So today was the day of the appointment. And it went great in my terms. The kids squirmed. Dakota almost got sick when the put stuff in his mouth (typical Dakota). Eli wouldn't let them touch them. But their mouths look great. Eli will have to have braces when he gets older and we will have to watch for the need to pull adult teeth to make room. But again their mouths look great. We have a few areas to work on (I'm glad I got the dental flossers for them for Resurrection Sunday), but all in all a good appointment.

I'm not good at taking pictures so here they both are with their balloons, stickers and new toothbrushes after we got home.

But what did I learn from this appointment? Never take them both at the same time. They each needed too much help getting through the appointment. So in 6 months when we go back, I will be making their appointments on seperate days.


  1. I love how happy they look after because of those big balloons!

  2. It's the simple things to make you happy. LOL