Tuesday, November 6, 2012

It's A Date

We FINALLY have a surgery date.  November 27th.  We were very shocked because the surgeon called on Saturday to give us the date (I didn't think they worked on Saturday's, or at least didn't make phone calls to set up surgeries).  I did good all weekend not really worrying or thinking about it.  Until Monday.  I had some house cleaning to do.  I was sweeping the family room and the emotions started.  I got frustrated with the inability to get the dog hair off the floor or rugs (someone needs to come teach me because I'm failing miserably at cleaning the floors).  Basically I threw a big adult sized tantrum (okay it probably wasn't that bad).  I took a breather and realized it wasn't the dog hair making me emotional.  It was surgery looming.  Then I started to panic about Thanksgiving.  My in-laws are going out of town.  We typically spend holidays with them as traveling is too hard on Eli sometimes.  But with surgery days away from Thanksgiving this year traveling would be even more out of the question.  However, my in-laws will be going on a trip (they can't change the date) and I wasn't sure they would want to have it at their house either since they will be leaving 48 hours later.  And of course I don't want to worry about doing it at my house.  So another mini-panic ensued trying to figure out what we will do for the holidays.  Thankfully we got things figured out.  My mother-in-law agreed we should have it at their house and we will just take the leftovers home since they won't really be home to eat them.  Win Win!!! 

Then of course today I start looking at the calendar and realize that depending on if Eli has any (even minor) complications he could be out of school until after Christmas.  Everyone tells me not to worry or think about complications, but for us they are the rule and not the exception.  He has pretty much had a complication with every surgery.  Some minor.  Some major.  Because of that they become very difficult not the think about.  I mean seriously this surgery is actually partly because of a complication due to his very first surgery SIX YEARS AGO! 

Waiting is the hardest part in all this.  We are glad we have the month to prepare Eli, get hubby's work situated, get Eli's schooling taken care of, and of course all the other odds and ends of preparing so such a big event.  But it's still hard.

Today I am focusing on being thankful we have a date and that God knows the plan even though I don't.

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  1. Hey Angela,
    I've been thinking and praying about you guys, and waiting for an update on the surgery, and since I couldn't find your email address anywhere, I'd figure I'd just comment. I hope everything is great, and I really hope to hear from you soon!
    Please email at jennohara63@hotmail.com