Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Village

I think a lot of people have heard the phrase "it takes a village to raise a child". I 100% agree with this. I could NOT do this without some VERY important people and I want to say THANK YOU to them. They have NO idea how much they mean to me.

First my BFF Susan. Seriously she spent 4 days AND nights in the hospital with me when I had my daughter. She has gotten up at "O too early" to go to cath procedures, surgeries, doctors appointments and therapy appointments. She has given me my sanity back when I seriously thought it was gone for good. She listens to me for hours on end. Never judges me. Knows when to just listen and when to smack me up side the head and tell me to "mom up". She brings me back to reality when necessary and then will let me dream (for just a little bit). There are NO words or deed I could ever say or do to show her how much she means to me. I just hope I can be as good a friend to her when she needs it. I love you.

Second is my Uncle Tim. He has put up with a LOT from me. He comes and watches my children and helps us out during Eli's surgeries and hospital stays, helps attempt to keep me sane while we wait for his surgeries, he comes and helps us when my husband does projects, and the list goes on and on and on and on and on (you get the point). He will be there for me when I say "see you later" to my parents on their last day. Seriously I could NEVER do without my dear uncle. Again no words could ever really express how much he means to me and I could never repay what he has done for us. I love you.

Third is my dear friend A (she prefers her name not be used). Whenever I need to vent or talk about Eli for HOURS ON END she is there WITHOUT judgement. Whatever comes out of my mouth she doesn't judge me. She just prays and gives it to God and lets HIM work on me. She gives me advice that only the mom of a special needs kid can do. She is THE most talented "crafty" person I know. She goes WAY ABOVE and beyond helping create a project or things my kids might need for their special needs. Once again there are no words to describe the gratefulness for her unending support. I love you.

And last (but not least) my dear friends Heather and Paul. They are a newly aquired couple in my "village". Since a great deal of time (physical, mental, emotional, etc.) is spent dealing with Eli (and at times Dakota) my poor dear oldest (now 18 years old which I CANNOT believe) has had to "grow up" in some ways too fast. And I don't have the mental energy to help with certain things. They helped my son fill out some paperwork tonight. What seems like such a simple act to me was COMPLETELY overwhelming. They are helping steer him in the right direction. I CANNOT do this without them. They will NEVER completely understand how much this steering means to me. I will forever be grateful for what they do for Christian. And of course once again, I don't have the words to express my gratitude or the means to repay them. I love you guys.

"My village" is so important to me. I cannot do this without them. I am so grateful God gave me these very important people to help me and my children. To guide them, love them, take care of them (and me). Thank you all for being you and for being a part of "my village".

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  1. Angela, I'm crying right now. Your words mean so much. Paul and I are so blessed having Christian and the rest of your family in our lives. It does take a village and I'm here not just for Christian but all of you! I know you would be there for us too if we ever needed help. That's what friendships are all about. Here's to new and blossoming relationships! ~Heather