Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mother's Day and Anniversaries

I know Mother's Day was almost two full weeks ago, but I am horrible at taking pictures. And it takes me forever to put them into photobucket so I can post them here.

Anyway, Saturday night I noticed my husband had gotten something out of the freezer. He immediately told me "don't ask". So I kind of figured he was going to attempt to fix me breakfast in bed. I wasn't sure that it would actually happen just because I always wake up before him. Well Sunday morning rolled around and I heard noise coming from the kitchen and was pretty amazed that he actually got up before me. I rolled over and closed my eyes and just a few minutes later Brice came in carrying this tray.


On it was a plate full of hashbrowns, eggs, bacon and toast. It was yummmmmmmmmy. I figured that was it. Well there was a handwritten note on the tray so I picked it up to read it and underneath the note was this.


And Christian bought me this. (Yes with his own money and he put thought into it and everything.)


I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe my husband (and son) bought them for me. I wanted an IPod Touch for when Eli has to have procedures at the hospital. When he has heart surgery or procedures I can't use a smart phone (like an Iphone) because you aren't suppose to use cell phones in the hospital rooms. The reason is that the cell phones interfere with the heart monitors and Eli is always on the heart monitors while he's there. This actually happened to Eli when he was a baby so Brice and I are very strict about turning and keeping our phones off. We actually keep them off whenever we are at the hospital no matter where we are unless we are going outside to make specific calls. Well Brice figured I should have it before hand so that I knew how to use it. So now I can keep in contact and update as long as there is wifi. And the coolest thing is I can read my bible on it (I downloaded an app) and I can text from it. Then we went to church and listened to an awesome message and the church handed out a little lime green box with yummy chocolates inside. After church we went to my in-laws and had turkey and all the fixings. It was a great day. And next year Brice is wondering how he can top that. Well lets see if he actually reads this as he does know I'm updating. Brice you have my permission to stick with the breakfast in bed. Thank you for making Mother's Day amazing.

So today is actually our anniversary. We have been married for eight years. I don't really expect much for anniversaries. It's not really all that necessary because I didn't marry him so he could buy me presents (although they are wonderful to get). Well I knew Brice remembered it was today, but didn't know if he had anything planned. I saw him back into the driveway which is not normal. The front door was open and as soon as he was safely stopped the boys ran out to greet him. They kept asking him what he had. When he walked up to the door he had a bouquet of flowers.

Anniversery flowers

Then I noticed there was a box in the back of the truck. A rather large box. Well it turns out it was this.


Yep that's right a dishwasher. Now some ladies may frown on this, but I am the type of person that I'd really rather have something I need and can use than just a something he picked up. And we really needed a new dishwasher. So again, Brice thank you thank you thank you and Happy Anniversary.


  1. Wow happy Anniversary! Your boys are so SWEET and take very good care of you! I really like the dishwasher and I totally know how you feel about it because Kyle bought me one for my birthday one year!:)

  2. nice!! What an awesome Mother's/Anniversary for you! You completely deserve it! How do you like your itouch??