Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Yesterday we had parent/teacher conferences for both Eli and Dakota. I was very happy my husband got to go with me, as these honestly make me nervous sometimes. I know they both have their own struggles, but I know some people don't realize how they are struggling (including the teachers).

Next year I knew Eli was going to be going to kindergarten. I didn't see a reason he should remain in developmental preschool (DD Pre-K). However, I was nervous about whether they would want to place Eli in a regular classroom with an IEP or developmental kindergarten (DK). I can tell you Eli's wonderful teacher added about 5 years back to my life. He is definitely going into the DK class. They will also be changing some things in his IEP as he goes on so that he will be classed as medically needy. I feel so much better about next year already. And I'm really excited for him.

Since I was so excited about Eli's conference I was a bit more nervous going into Dakota's. After all, I couldn't possibly have two great conferences could I? Well I was WRONG! It went great. He's getting some extra help for reading, his fine motor skills, and some social skill help from the counselor. I'm SO happy about that. He is doing wonderful in math now (he wasn't at the beginning of the year) and he actually likes it. I think he likes learning. And he is becoming a bit more determined when he struggles at something to get it right. What an accomplishment for him!!

I am so grateful both conferences went amazing. Friday we have a test scheduled for Eli. They will be doing conscious sedation. I praying it goes smooth and provides us at least a few answers. Your prayers would be appreciated.

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  1. I will keep all of you in my prayer. So happy to hear about the conferences.