Wednesday, August 3, 2011

5 Years

Five Years ago today God gave me a miracle as our lives were turned upside down. Our beautiful baby who seemed so healthy showed us his heart was broken. Eli went into cardiogenic shock (due to heart failure) and we nearly lost him. But God gave us a mircle. HE brought him back.

After his first surgery.

I was in such an ingnorance is bliss state when we first found out. I didn't know what a congenital heart defect really was. I didn't know it is THE most common birth defect, affecting 1 in every 100 babies. I thought they could just fix it like they fix a broken bone and we go home with no other issues. That was so far from the truth. Our lives are filled with doctors appointments, therapy, special education, and watching him for signs of cardiac emergencies. It's waiting for the shoe to drop and hear he will have to undergo another surgery. And with each surgery he endures knowing that he may not wake up. Or he may have to have a permanent pacemaker implanted. Or numerous other senarios.

It amazes me that when a woman is pregnant they push for all sorts of tests. All but ones that are MOST needed to detect the most common birth defect. Heart defects. In this day of modern medicine there is so much hope for these babies. Yet sadly some of these babies die UNNECESSARILY. There are life saving surgeries and procedures that can be preformed to save them, but they go home with an undected heart defect and pass away.

I am truly thankful for my amazing son. He fills our lives with such joy. Joy that is irreplaceable.



  1. He really is an amazing and beautiful kid! Thank you God for your miracle!

  2. You are so blessed! Eli is beautiful inside and out and such a fighter! My prayers are always with him! <3